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 Technical Parameters

Blade diameter 250-700mm
Bridge height 8-18mm (die punching)
180 degree bending min. radius 5mm
Min. length of 90 degree bending 5mm
Feeding precision ±0.03mm
Bending flatness ±0.2mm
Functions Bending, cutting, bridging, notching, perforation, lipping
Perforation Can be customized
Auto-notch 90 degree / slot shape
Cutting methods Auto flat cutting
Optimal pattern format DXF, CF2, DWG format
Operating system: Window10
Air supply 0.6mpa
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz (Standard)
Machine total power 3KW
Gross weight. 600KGS
Overall dimension(L x W x H) 2500×1400×2150mm
1.  The latest fully automatic computer bending machine can complete feeding, bending, shearing, bridge position, punching, etc.
2.  Feeding system:
※ Different heights of cutting rule, do not need to manually adjust the chuck height.
※ The feeding level is not affected by the soft and hard of the cutting rule, and the cutting rule is not deformed.
※ The unique jam alarm device, if the cutting rule is encountered, the machine will stop automatically and can be processed quickly.
3. Bridge position, lipping, flat cutting system
※ The bridge position, the lipping and the flat cut are all on one set of molds. When using different cutting rules, simply replace the whole set. The mold is fast and the cutting effect is good.
※ Bridge height 8-18mm Software automatic adjustment, lipping size software adjustment; no need to change the mold.
※ Single set of punching die design; can be combined with any mold to save cost for customers; highly software adjustment.
※ The mold is made of high-speed steel imported from Japan. The punching is precise and durable.
※ The mold replacement time is within three minutes, and the operation is simple and quick.
4. Bending system
※ The mold is made of high-resistance material, which prolongs the service life and replaces the mold quickly and easily.
※ Different tool bending levels can be quickly and manually adjusted to ensure different bending materials can chieve high quality.
5. Software system
※ Under the new Windows 10 operating system, the self-developed machete software, user-friendly operating system, support multilingual. Support dxf, cf2 and other formats.
 ※ The CAD interface makes the operation faster and easier to learn.
※ Equipped with a branded computer and a genuine operating system.
6. Automatic cutter system
※  Independent six sets of cutting rule holders
※ Intelligent security protection to prevent injuries caused by accidental operations

Detailed Image

The level of bending tools could be adjusted based on different rule height.
The six coil auto-feed could be managed by software which is unique
Machine is equipped with 10 Fuji Motor to ensure high process speed.
Forming shape rate high, reach 90%, reduce labor adjusting and fixing and speed production capacity.
Unique software can automatically identify functions, without manual selection, save your time
Mold durable, replacement time for about one year while market normally max. Half year have to change.
The machine adopts two sets of totally separate system for straight rule and curved rule, and operator just need to click on button to complete any switches of the two systems. Thus greatly improved efficiency of work.
The system can automatically grab the same design pattern fragments. Operator doesn’t need to manually choose the same designs one by one.
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