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About Us

Our company is one of the best professional manufacturers of cutting tools for die-cutting in the world. The products are sold to different countries. We can produce high-quality cutting tools made by the current most advanced facilities in the world and two different crafts and materials. The specific technology of adding hardness to the back of a blade can eliminate the stress of steel material for the blade occurred in die-cutting hard materials so that the back of the blade can give stronger support to the edge of a knife. Such two different ways of sharpening blade are applied to almost all materials for die-cutting with high performance, especially paper with different thickness, polyethylene materials, labels, plywood, fabrics, strengthening fiber spacer, rock wool spacer, rubber fiberboard, brocade, foaming latex, sponge rubber, glass fiber spacer, strengthening metal fiber spacer etc..

Grinding (vertical line) cutters: They are suitable for the die-cutting of the materials with good flexibility such as plywood, fabrics, strengthening fiber spacers, rock wool spacers, rubber fiberboard, brocade, foaming latex, foam rubber. The cutting edges are smooth.

Cutting & sharpening (horizontal line) cutters: They are suitable for the die-cutting of paper, labels and foaming rubbers. The cutting edges are smooth.

From strict selection of materials, all technology parameters and practical data should be scientifically analyzed in K-nife Company's individual metallurgy lab. Each production procedure is under strict control of quality management standardization. Besides, the current most advanced cutters-making machinery and unique production crafts adopted can even ensure every line of our products with satisfying quality.

The content of our quality tests include: cutters hardness, wear-resistance, metal extensibility, edges straightness, flatness, cleanness of blade, accurate height…. We use the current most advanced LASER automatic measurement instruments to do these jobs. All such advanced production crafts, facilities and quality test instruments are for a common purpose of ensuring K-nife Company providing our customers with high-quality cutting tools.


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