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Manual Precision Steel Rule Bender Bending Machine
Manual Bender Rule bending machine , Dieforming machine with 40 matrix

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 Manual Precision Steel Rule Bender Bending Machine 

Manual Bender Rule bending machine , Dieforming machine with 40 matrix
Super Manual Bender: 40 matrix.
Length: 930 mm
Width: 650 mm
Height: 220 mm
Weight: 47 kg
Super Bender is designed for the purpose of bending for steel rules with high quality requirement.
Max. capacity : 3pt.(soft)×30mm
Size : (L)930×(W)650×(H)220mm.
Weight : 43.20kg.
Characteristics :
Suitable for any complicated bend.
Solid and rigid steel construction.
Unique adjustment system guarantees handle movement is the same for any bend required.
Simple adjustable gauge with some screws movement for final positioning.
Repetition bends can be produced without fear of inconsistency.
Field of Application & Work Stations:
·Rule bending machine is designed for the sole purpose of bending of steel rules used for the die-cutting and creasing of paper, cardboard and corrugated board.
·Rule bending machine is a manual device, and does not carry magnetic or electric requirements.
·Rule bending machine is to be installed on a suitable working table and operated in a die-room.
Operation Diagrams
Product Functions Explanation:
1)Suitable for bending different types of cutting rules with complex shapes.
2)The machine is made of firm and solid alloyed steel.
3)With the unique adjuster, easy to operate when bending each type of cutting rules.
4)Through adjusting the screw position, easily achieve the ultimate bending position.
5)The ingenious design makes the bending tools achieve consistency completely
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